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How RMTrak Can Benefit Your Organization

  Thanks to RMTrak, you no longer need to spend a lot of money to benefit from a robust, easy-to-use requirements management tool. RMTrak is a Microsoft Word–based, entry-level, single-user requirements management tool designed for business developers, program managers, project engineers, and support staff who need a full-featured, easy-to-use requirements tracing and reporting tool.  

RMTrak can benefit your organization in these ways:

  • Lets you meet the needs of your customers, improve customer satisfaction, and accelerate time-to-market.

  • Lets you start implementing a simple requirements management process using an entry-level solution with a familiar Microsoft Word document format.

  • Helps you establish a simple requirements management process to capture, organize, and manage your needs from concept development to final production.

  • Lets you organize and trace requirement details to ensure proper resources are committed to the project during the requirements development phase.

  • Lets you establish links between multiple process documents.

  • Lets you assign attributes to your information, such as task assignment, priority and status, and change these over time to reflect changes in your project.

  • Helps you stay in control of your schedules, resources, and deliverables.

  • Helps you manage the impact changes can have on your project objectives. You can enable team members to understand their responsibilities and the impact of changing requirements on their project.

  • Lets you keep track of your requirements and avoid unnecessary and costly revisions.

  • Helps you quickly start tagging documents and rapidly locate specific information using keyword searches.

  • Lets you generate reports, including requirements traceability and orphan, childless, unallocated, suspect, closure, and summary reports. Prometeo Technologies can also quickly develop custom report formats that fit your organization's specific needs.

  • Lets you use hyperlinks to navigate between the reports and your requirement documents.

  • Provides a tag filter so you can use documents in multiple projects without confusing their requirements.
Please explore our site to learn more about RMTrak's features and how they can benefit your organization. You might also want to view RMTrak's minimal system requirements to determine if RMTrak is right for your organization.

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