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Collaborative Requirements Management


Studies indicate that U.S. organizations spend millions of dollars in failing projects. Additionally, over half of the projects developed in the U.S. come in late and over budget or are lacking in some of the key requirements needed to make the product successful.

Projects can have thousands of initial requirements, and each requirement can shift and alter during a project's life-cycle. These organizations fail because they have difficulties implementing the project's numerous requirements, which can change over time, be forgotten, or get left behind.

Many of these projects end up cancelled and result in a significant waste of company resources and expenses—not to mention the loss of market share and life-cycle profitability for a product.

The key to successful projects is collaborative requirements management—organizing and managing a project's requirements and implementing them as a Team. The key to successful collaborative requirements management is finding the right tool to help you.

RMTrak: A Collaborative Requirements Management Solution
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RMTrak is a collaborative requirements management software tool designed to provide your organization with an inexpensive, easy-to-use option for managing each project's complex requirements.

RMTrak's document-centric approach manages project requirements listed in your company's documentation, including those documents detailing your project's progression. RMTrak allows each of your organization's Team members to work together to understand and update project requirements quickly and easily.

With 85 percent of potential product development companies still not benefiting from a requirements management tool, RMTrak can help your organization succeed where so many others fail. RMTrak ensures product quality and integrity by managing project requirements and enforcing their traceability from conception to final production.

It's clear that hardware and software project success hinges on successful requirements management, but experts say only 5 to 15 percent of product design and development organizations are using an automated requirements management tool.

Let RMTrak help your company succeed today!

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