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RMTrak Key Product Features

RMTrak has many great features. This page describes just a few of them.
Easy To Use

Proposal teams, program managers, or development team members can learn RMTrak and be up and running in less than one day. There is no formal training required, and RMTrak provides an extensive tutorial and context-sensitive online help files.
Work In Microsoft Word
RMTrak lets you use the familiar and powerful Microsoft Word application to format and edit your documents. You can begin by using existing Microsoft Word documents or by creating new ones.
Document-centric Approach

RMTrak's document-centric approach significantly reduces, and in most cases eliminates, the time many other tools require for typing requirements into the application's database. RMTrak allows you to use your existing documents from various formats supported by Microsoft Word.
Requirements Imports
RMTrak allows you to import data from other requirements management tools.
Server or Workstation
RMTrak can be easily installed on a server for use by multiple individuals or on a stand-alone workstation. With RMTrak, documents don't need to be kept in a central location; however, if more than one person will be viewing the documents, we recommend you organize them somewhere on a server that everyone can access.
Low-Cost Implementation
With RMTrak there is no need to spend the thousands of dollars purchasing a requirements management tool, support contract, and training. RMTrak's individual seat license is inexpensive, and limited support is free. Additionally, since RMTrak is so easy to use, there's no need for expensive training, which can take up your valuable team members' time as they struggle to learn a difficult tool.
Data Capturing
RMTrak lets you establish a simple requirements management process to capture, organize, and manage entire projects—from concept development to final production.
Attributes Assignment
RMTrak lets you organize and trace requirement details to ensure the proper resources are committed to the project during the requirements development phase. You can establish information relationships between multiple documents, assign attributes to the information, such as task assignment, priority and status, and change these over time to reflect changes in your project.

Project failures are often the result of incomplete or changing requirements. To prevent problems, you can link high-level business requirements to more detailed design requirements. This will ensure the requirements are complete and the required design engineering and support functions are thoroughly planned.
Change Management (Traceability)
RMTrak lets you stay in control of schedules, resources, and deliverables. RMTrak can manage the impact that changes have on your project objectives, and RMTrak can enable team members to understand their responsibilities and the impact of changing requirements on their project.

RMTrak lets you trace changes to see how each requirement's changes affect multiple other requirements. This is the key to successful project management.
Flexible Reporting
RMTrak keeps track of your requirements and avoids unnecessary and costly revisions. RMTrak lets you rapidly locate specific information using keyword searches. You can use any of the default reports, including Orphan, Childless, Unallocated, Suspect, Closure and Requirements Summary, and Change reports, or have Prometeo Technologies develop a custom report format that suits your organization. You can use hyperlinks to navigate between your reports and requirements documents.

Please see the Demonstrative Presentation about RMTrak and Its Features to learn more about RMTrak's reports.
Tag Filter
Thanks to RMTrak's tag filter, it's easy to list requirements of different projects within the same document, and yet not have them be confused in reports and views. RMTrak's tag filter allows each project to only recognize document tags that were intended for it, ignoring any tags intended for another project. This lets you use a requirements management document for more than one project without hassle or confusion.
SQL Database Queries
RMTrak lets you generate views using SQL (Structured Query Language) queries, in addition to its other views, so you can easily retrieve and view any desired information from the project's database.
Easy Database Recreation
RMTrak's document-centric approach makes rebuilding databases simple. In the unlikely event that a database becomes missing or corrupt, you need only to create a new project in RMTrak then re-import the project's documents.
You can create any type of document, with any format, any structure, and any purpose, and RMTrak can still track the requirements listed in the document. To RMTrak, it doesn't matter if the requirements are presented in tables, bulleted lists, or just mentioned somewhere in a paragraph. The definition of a requirement is up to you—RMTrak will recognize and track whatever you want it to.

RMTrak is completely customizable. Unlike many other collaborative requirements management tools, RMTrak lets you configure how you tag and format your documents, how it recognizes tags, how it retrieves the document's number and revision, and much more. For example:

  • You can customize RMTrak to recognize requirements as any text items that are both bold and red, or as any text items formatted in a specific Microsoft Word style.

  • You can customize RMTrak to recognize document numbers and/or versions from either the file name or from the document's properties.

  • You can customize the types of documents listed in RMTrak and their properties. Then when you assign properties to a document type, RMTrak will automatically associate these properties with each document you have listed of that type. This lets you instantly track a document's overall properties, including whether it's going to have test results listed.

  • You can use any of the default views and reports available or Prometeo Technologies can easily create ones that custom-fit your organization's needs.
Learn more about RMTrak's benefits. When you're ready to evaluate RMTrak, we provide a free 30-day evaluation version you can download.

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